The best list app ever made!

All-Time Great App, Your Phone Is Broken Without It
… A must have for anyone looking for great iOS software.

9 Stars…
As a list nut, I love this app. The UI is outstanding! It's THE ONLY list app you need.

This app is an organized person's dream come true! All I want to do is make lists!! … Highly recommend.

List inception … Ikiru can have more than two levels of nesting lists, which I appreciate, and is very simple to use …

A productivity app that's actually productive.

I love this app. Easy. Flexible. Simple. Everything I was looking for.

Best To Do App
I must have tried every ToDo app in my time, but they all lacked at least one feature that I wanted. Not any more! This one does the lot!!

Simple and pure!
Easy to use! Fast iCloud-Sync! Universal-App! Brings fun to write on iPad AND iPhone! … Love it!

Just fantastic
A modern Paperless. Thank you! Solid and polished in every way.

Even better than Paperless
Paperless was great and I ran my life by it but this is even better! Terrific program. I love it!

Organize your life.

Ikiru is a simple but powerful app for making lists, keeping notes and setting reminders. It aims to help you live a productive and meaningful life, by enabling you to focus on the things that are most important to you.

Keep track of almost anything:

  • to do lists
  • shopping lists
  • notes
  • contact information
  • books to read, or movies to watch
  • travel plans
  • drafts of emails or messages to post to social networks
  • tappable links to blog posts you want to read
  • a daily journal
  • favorite restaurants
  • gift ideas for family and friends
  • a fitness plan with reminders for when to exercise
  • life goals

… and anything else you can think to make a list of.

Ikiru on iPhone

Ikiru is beautiful.

With a clean and easy to use design, choose from over 2000 icons to assign to your lists.

Ikiru icons

Ikiru is powerful.

  • Create lists within lists. Categorize and sub-categorize your information however you like.
  • Mark items or entire lists complete with a swipe.
  • Assign a due date and reminder to list items.
  • View all items with a due date in one convenient timeline.
  • Add a photo to list items.
  • Drag and drop to sort list items, or automatically keep a list sorted alphabetically, by due date, modification date, creation date or completion date.
  • Easily copy or move items from one list to another.
  • Perform batch operations like quickly marking all items in a list incomplete. Items return to their original position within the list, making lists easy to reuse.
  • Includes extensive support for “shake to undo”. Accidentally mark a list as complete? Shake to undo!
  • Send a list via email. The receiver can import your list into their copy of Ikiru.
  • Choose from light and dark themes.
  • Quickly view items with due dates in the included Today extension.
  • View items with due dates on your Apple Watch.

Ikiru keeps your data safe.

  • Automatically back up and sync lists between iOS devices using iCloud.
  • Use Touch ID or a custom passcode to protect your information.
Ikiru screenshots on iPhone

Ikiru is multilingual.

Includes support for the following languages: Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish

Ikiru has purpose.

The word “ikiru” (ee-kee-roo) means “to live” in Japanese. It’s also the title of an Akira Kurosawa film about a man who decides to do something meaningful with his life.

Ikiru (the app) is my attempt at doing something meaningful with my life, and hopefully help others live meaningful and productive lives.

Ikiru has history.

In 2010 I released a list-making app called “Paperless“. From busy moms and dads to airplane pilots to people who needed a little help remembering things after suffering a brain injury, Paperless has been used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Ikiru is built upon that legacy – incorporating the best ideas from Paperless, greatly improving upon them, and adding big features that people have requested.

You can read more about why I built Ikiru in “Building a Better List App“.


Need help? Start here:
Ikiru: Instructions | FAQ
Paperless: Instructions | FAQ
Scout Camera: FAQ

If you need further help or have a suggestion, contact me:
(Unfortunately I can’t respond to every email. As of now, this is a hobby not my full time job.)


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