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Main screen

Viewing all lists

At the top of the main screen, tap the “show all” tab to view all of your lists and list items:

Viewing all items with due dates

At the top of the main screen, tap the “due dates” tab to show all items that have a due date, regardless of what list they are in:

List screen

Adding a list

Tap the “add list” button to begin adding a list. You can add a list to the main screen, or within another list.

On the “Add List” screen, type in your list name.

If the list name has a common word that matches any of the icons, those icons will be displayed when the “Related” tab is selected. If there are no matching icons, you can tap the “All Icons” tab and pick one from there. Swipe left on the icons to show more.

Tip: you might be able to find a specific icon by typing a related keyword in the “List Name” field. Once you’ve selected the icon, delete the keyword and then type in the actual list name you want to use.

Adding a list item

There are three ways to add an item:

1. While viewing a list, tap the “+” button to add an item to the top of the list:

2. While viewing an item, tap the “+” button to add an item AFTER the one you’re viewing:

3. While searching a list, if the phrase you searched for isn’t already in the list, tap “+” next to the search bar to add it:

When finished typing in text for your item you can tap the back button to view the list, dismiss the keyboard, or start adding another item. (or you could immediately add a due date, add a photo, or share the item):

Deleting lists or items

Swipe left on the list or item you want to delete, then tap the “Delete” button:

You can also delete multiple lists/items at once. Start by entering “multiple selection” mode:

… then select the lists/items to delete, and tap “Delete”:

Marking items or lists complete (or incomplete)

Swipe right on an item or list to mark it complete.

If the item is already completed, swiping right will mark it incomplete – moving it back to its original position in the list.

Note that marking a list complete will also mark all items/lists inside of it as complete.

You can also quickly mark all items in a list as complete or incomplete. Start by tap the list actions button:

… then tap “Mark All Complete” or “Mark All Incomplete”:

Changing a list's name or icon

While viewing a list, tap on its name to edit the list name or change its icon.

Sorting a list

To change the way a list is sorted tap the “sort” button:

Sorting options include:

  • Drag And Drop Sorting – with this enabled, you can tap and hold on an item in a list, then drag it up or down to place it in a different position in the list
  • Alphabetical – sort the list alphabetically
  • Due – sort the list by due date
  • Completed – sort the list by completion date
  • Modified – sort the list by the date each item in the list was last modified
  • Created – sort the list by the creation date of each item in the list
  • Completed To Bottom – toggles between showing the completed items in a “Completed” section at the bottom of the list, or displaying completed items in their existing position in the list

Tip: even if “Completed To Bottom” is on, when you mark items “incomplete”, they will return to their original position in the list. This makes lists easy to reuse!

Searching a list

Scroll to the top of a list and tap “Search list”, then type what you want to search for. If the phrase you searched for isn’t already in the list, tap “+” next to the search bar to add it:

Note that searching does not include results from sublists.

Copying lists and items

To copy lists or items from one list to another (or from the main screen), tap the “multiple selection” mode button:

Then select the lists/items to copy, and tap “Copy”:

Finally, select a list to copy the lists/items into. You may need to drill down some if your list is contained within other lists:

Moving lists and items

To move lists or items from one list to another (or from the main screen), tap the “multiple selection” mode button:

Then select the lists/items to move, and tap “Move”:

Finally, select a list to move the lists/items into. You may need to drill down some if your list is contained within other lists:

Importing items

You can paste in list items from another application or from an email that you’ve typed on your computer. Once you’ve copied the items, open Ikiru and then tap the “list actions” button:

Next tap “Import Items…”:

Then tap anywhere in the blank text area, and choose “Paste”

Note that the import feature is smart and strips out extra carriage returns, spaces, dashes, dots, and more. Your items will be imported correctly even if your pasted in text looks like the following image:

Sharing a list

To send a list via email or text message, or to copy a plain text version of the list, tap the “share list” button:

When you share a list via email it will be in an easily readable format, and includes a file attachment. The person receiving the email can tap that file attachment – and then tap “Copy to Ikiru” – to import the list into Ikiru on their device. (The imported list is a separate copy, and will not be synced between your device and theirs).

Shared lists do NOT include photos. A list could contain hundreds or thousands of photos, so including them in an email or text message would not be practical.

Printing a list

To print a list tap the “share list” button, then tap “Print”:

Item screen

Viewing and editing an item

To view an item simply tap on it in the list. If the item’s text contains a phone number, email address, web address or physical address, it will automatically be highlighted in blue so you can tap on it to perform an appropriate action. (link detection can be turned off in the app’s settings)

You can tap anywhere in the white blank area to start editing text.

Setting a due date and reminder

To set a due date and optional reminder, tap the “due date” button:

Next, select a date and time for the due date:

Tap “Repeat” if you want the due date to repeat. When you mark an item complete, if it has a due date and a repeat interval set, it will automatically mark itself “incomplete” after a few seconds, and change to the next appropriate due date:

Tap “Remind Me” if you want to receive a notification, reminding you about the item that is due:

Adding a photo

You can add a photo to a list item by tapping the “add photo” button:

To delete a photo, tap on the photo to view it, then tap the trash can icon.

Sharing an item

To send an item via email or text message, or to copy a plain text version of the item, tap the “share item” button:

Printing an item

To print an item tap the “share item” button, then tap “Print”:


Syncing via iCloud

It is highly recommended that you use iCloud syncing. It stores your lists securely in iCloud, and makes upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad and transferring your lists very easy. It also helps if you accidentally delete the app (it happens!) since you can just re-download the app and connect it to iCloud again to recover your lists.

When you turn syncing on, make sure you’re somewhere with a good internet connection. The initial sync can take a few minutes, especially if you already have lists in iCloud from a different device.

When Ikiru is first installed you’re asked if you’d like to use iCloud to back up your lists and sync them between devices. You can also turn on this feature later from the settings screen within Ikiru.

(If you get an error message when turning on iCloud syncing, it’s most likely because you need to turn on iCloud Drive on your device. To fix the problem, open the “Settings” app and tap your name/Apple ID at the top, then tap “iCloud”… then switch on both “iCloud Drive” at the top, and “Ikiru” in the list of apps on that same screen. Finally, open Ikiru again and this time when you turn on syncing it should work.)

Additional features

Adjusting font size

Ikiru supports iOS’s “dynamic type” feature for adjusting font size. Simply open the “Settings” app and navigate to Display & Brightness > Text Size and drag the slider to the font size you want.

If you need even larger text, open the “Settings” app and navigate to General > Accessibility > Larger Text and switch on “Larger Accessibility Sizes”.

Shake to undo

Ikiru includes extensive support for “shake to undo”. If you make a mistake like accidentally deleting a list item, or marking an entire list as complete, you can shake your device to bring up an alert asking if you’d like to undo it.

Even better, there are multiple levels of undo. If you need to go back further, you can undo up to 10 previous operations.

Today extension

Ikiru includes a “Today” extension so that you can quickly see the most important items with due dates, even while you’re viewing your home screen or while using another app. To enable Ikiru’s today extension:

  1. swipe down from the very top of the screen
  2. select the “Today” tab
  3. scroll down and tap the “Edit” button
  4. tap the green “+” button next to “Ikiru”

URL schemes

Ikiru includes a few URL schemes you can use to open the app to a specific screen.

  1. To open the app to the “due dates” timeline, use the URL:
  2. To open the app to create a new item, use the URL:
  3. To open the app to a specific list:
    To get the appropriate URL, view the list and tap the “list actions” button:

… then tap “Copy List URL” to copy the URL to your clipboard:

Apple Watch

Watch app

Ikiru includes an app for Apple Watch that shows all items with a due date:

If you press firmly on the main screen of the app, you’ll reveal the “Add Item” option. You can tap “Add Item” and speak into the watch to dictate a new list item, then assign a due date if desired. Note that in order for this feature to work, your iPhone must be within bluetooth range of the watch. The new item is placed on the main screen in Ikiru on your iPhone.

If you tap on a list item, it will be displayed:

… and from that item detail screen, you can firmly press to bring up options to mark the item complete or delete it. Those actions require that your iPhone be within bluetooth range of your Apple Watch:


There are a couple of different types of complications for Ikiru.

  1. large – Shows the next upcoming item along with its due date, and supports “time travel” so you can scroll forward or backward through time (by turning the watch’s “digital crown”) to see the rest of your items with due dates.
  2. small – Displays a count of how many items are past due. If there aren’t any past due, then it displays how many are due today, continuing on to tomorrow or upcoming. Small complications are displayed along with an arrow:

    ⇠   means the items are past due

    no arrow means the items are due today

    ⇢   means the items are due tomorrow

    ⇡   means the items are upcoming (due sometime after tomorrow)

These screenshots each include a large complication, showing that “Exercise” is due tomorrow. The screenshots also include a small complication showing that there are 2 items past due.

You can use both kinds of complications at the same time as shown, or you can pick just one.


The Ikiru Apple Watch app includes a glance that shows the earliest item with a due date… one way of quickly seeing what you should do (or should have done already).


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