Scout Camera

Scout Camera has been discontinued and is no longer available on the App Store.

If you need to retrieve your photos, see “How can I get photos from Scout Camera onto my computer?

Scout Camera

… liberating and puts the focus, no pun intended, on what you are actually looking at rather than what you might see or salvage later.

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

If you're looking for a no-nonsense camera app that does more than the iPhone's built-in Camera app and has controls that don't get in your way, Scout Camera is a great choice.

Marianne Schultz, AppShopper

This is a simple yet perfect app… I can't say enough about how stunning the images are!

The live cropping and filters are a very nice touch. I don't usually bother with 3rd party camera apps, but this one has earned it's way into my collection.

It's fast, easy to use, and has some beautiful filters.

I love this app, now I can take pics without having to edit it after. Take pictures on the spot in the effect you want 🙂

Best camera app out there! Take pictures like a pro. Full EXIF information. Lots of cool effects!

Enjoyed using this app. Excellent features & easy operability. Connectivity with social networking is awesome. Worth having on iPhone

This app is OFF THE HOOK!!!. Amazed by the fine picture quality and filters!

I had a modeling shoot and we had to give a picture so I printed one of my pictures from my app and they loved it.

Awesome app… It really does take great photos. This tiny app is truly better and easier to use than my Olympus camera.

Definitely love this app! Takes beautiful pictures! Love how you can capture detail. It's amazing! I love it!

Nice, Simple, Practical, Useful. I like that it is not more complicated than I am.

This app is my favorite app ever <3 thank god for whoever made this! Without this app i would have nothing i love u guys

Perfect! I love this app!

I like the simplicity yet flexibility provided by this app. The control over exposure and focus point is easy and useful.

Scout Camera
Scout Camera screenshots

Take great photos with this beautifully designed camera app!

With striking color and black and white photo filters that you can see while taking photos, getting a great picture is easy and fun.

Simply select a photo filter, then adjust the intensity slider for just the right touch.

Scout Camera image filters screenshot

Live cropping

Select from four aspect ratios to help frame the perfect picture.

Simple Controls

  • Tap anywhere in the viewfinder to set the focus and exposure.
  • Drag the exposure control to set the exposure to a different part of the image.
  • Double tap to switch back to auto focus and exposure.
Scout Camera - focus and exposure controls

Browse and share

Scout Camera has a built in photo browser, allowing you to view full details for each of your photos: when and where they were taken, the shutter speed and ISO used, and more. From there you can also:

  • Zoom in on a photo to view it up close.
  • Save photos to your camera roll, or delete the ones you don’t want.
  • Share photos with friends through email, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Open photos with any app that supports opening jpeg files (like Snapseed, Dropbox, Evernote).

Beautiful photos

View these photos taken with Scout Camera. See more on pixpeep, and on Instagram with the #scoutcamera hashtag.


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