… a good way to ensure things get done at your own pace, free of the disappointment of missing deadlines.

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Paperless deserves a spot on your iPhone

Lex Friedman, Macworld

Paperless has a permanent spot on the first page of my iPhone's home screen… it will probably earn a similar spot on yours.

Marianne Schultz, AppShopper

(4.8 out of 5 rating)
… hits that sweet spot between being simple enough you'll actually use it and powerful enough to be useful.

Marc Zeedar, REALbasic Developer Magazine

The most useful, intuitive and elegant app I have ever used… after the phone and email, this is the single most valuable app I have on the iPhone.

Best app ever – The most incredibly useful app I've come across. Simple, effective and bloody marvelous!!!

The simplicity of the interface and the flexibility given to the user is perfection.

… it's fast and it allows you much freedom to do whatever you want with any kind of list.

This app is amazing… I'm so organized now!

Simple and elegant. All apps should be like this.

This is the best app I have. I love lists and this makes lists so much fun. I love the icons. I use this app every day.

Simply brilliant – best 'To Do' app ever!!

I love this app and find it highly addictive, almost like when Bart Simpson got a labelmaker. 🙂

It's perfect.

It's seriously amazing. Simple to use but comprehensive and has it all… Love it.

Paperless is easily one of the most useful apps that is currently available in the App Store.

Really helps me remember all the things I need in order to be super-productive! Great App!

I think the iPhone should come with this app pre-installed!

It's simple, elegant, easy to use and well designed. Paperless won my heart instantly!

This is a fantastic app!!! Perfect balance between simple and detailed. Cool look. Very easy to use.

I am an organizing freak and this APP has the capabilities to handle it!

… Paperless, however, has truly helped. It is streamlined, it is simple, it is sumptuous.

Fast. Easy to use. Uncluttered.

For someone like me who makes list after list this app is perfect, its so simple and easy to use :-). A must for everyone!!

Best app I've ever downloaded, my life is so organized now… Well worth the price of a Mars bar I'll tell you that!

For once an app that is a joy to use, simple yet very effective.

By far, the best 'to-do' app there is!

I have searched for so long for an app like this! Easy to use, does exactly what I need and then some!

I've downloaded more than a dozen to-do, list, and GTD programs… this is by far the most versatile, well-designed, and easy-to-use.

Simple, Efficient, Stunningly Beautiful UI

My wife and I both love using this sharp and focused app. These people have pride in their work, and it shows.

The best notepad and list maker app there is. Simple, clean, fast and not an over kill of features.

Exactly what I wanted and needed!! Everything you need and nothing that you don't.

Love it. Fun and Easy to use.

I've been using it for a few months and couldn't live without it.

I LOVE this app! I was looking for an app that would replace all of my little notes and lists that I used to keep in a planner and this one is it!

This has become one of my favourite apps. Clean, intuitive, excellent!

Paperless lets me capture all my ideas almost instantly and organize them quickly and simply. Fabulous app! Thank you!

After going through the rest I am relieved to find an app that has good user interaction in mind without being unnecessarily complex. This app just works 🙂

Great app, helps keep track of what all needs to be done and what's already done. Highly recommend!

Easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, considerable customization ability. What's not to love?

I absolutely treasure this app… This is brilliant – simple, clear and very useable.

I love apps that can do the job of 5 or 6 other apps. This is the case for this app. Beautifully rendered, and simple to use.

This app rocks. It's beautifully designed. Love all the different icon choices, there's one for everything.

I am a big list maker. And this is the best list app. Easy. Simple. Effective. Sharp.

Great piece of work. It looks great and is so simple to use. If you simply need an app to make quick to-do lists, this is it. No fuss and no complexities.

Beautiful interface with good sharing options. Best list app on store.

I didn't want to spend $2.99 but I am glad I did.

Paperless screenshots

Make lists of anything and everything

Create to do lists, make grocery lists, take notes, write an outline for a story, prepare notes for a presentation, keep track of gift ideas, plan a vacation… these are just a few of the ways you could use Paperless.

Universal to run on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Automatically syncs lists between your devices (via a free Dropbox account).

Download on the App Store
Paperless on iPad and iPhone
Paperless screenshot

Beautifully designed

With 38 themes to choose from:

and over 450 icons to assign to your lists:

A few of the icons included in Paperless.

Simple but powerful

  • simple to use with a clean user interface, in both portrait and landscape orientations
  • “universal”, with an interface to run on either iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad
  • automatic backup and syncing between iOS devices via a free Dropbox account
  • send lists via email, which others can import into their copy of Paperless
  • send lists via iMessage
  • print lists to an AirPrint compatible printer
  • easily duplicate lists
  • copy or move items from one list to another, or merge multiple lists into one
  • comprehensive search
  • backup and restore via email
  • passcode lock
  • link detection for URLs, email addresses, phone numbers and street addresses
  • supports the use of an external Bluetooth keyboard
Syncing Paperless lists between an iPhone and iPad
Download on the App Store


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