Paperless 2.3 – An important update for syncing with Dropbox

Paperless 2.3 will be released within the next few hours, and includes an important update related to backing up and syncing lists with Dropbox.

The new version of the app uses the newer Dropbox API 2… the older Dropbox API will stop working around the end of June September, as previously announced by Dropbox. So, if you want to continue to back up and sync your lists between devices you’ll need to update to this new version of Paperless.

In order to provide better security for your information, Paperless will now only have “app” level access – meaning that it only has permission to access its own folder instead of permission to access your entire Dropbox account. (Paperless only ever accessed it’s own “Paperless” folder before this update, but this should give people better peace of mind.)

This also means that lists from Paperless are now stored on Dropbox under “Apps > Paperless”.

When you install the update, you’ll get a popup asking if you want to enable backup and syncing. You’ll need to tap “Enable Backup & Syncing” to re-link Paperless to your Dropbox account and continue backing up and syncing lists – or you can do it later on from the Settings panel within the app.