Settings Screen

To change overall settings for the app, go to the main screen and tap the settings button:

The first section of the Settings screen has a few ways to help support Crush Apps. Your support helps ensure the continued improvement of Paperless.

The next section varies depending on whether you're using the free "Paperless Lite" app, or the paid version called "Paperless".

If you're using "Paperless Lite", there's a section dedicated to upgrading to the full version of Paperless. If you do purchase Paperless, the button labeled "Transfer Lists To Paperless" can be used to easily transfer all of your lists from Paperless Lite to Paperless:

If you're using "Paperless", options for backing up and syncing your lists between devices are available:

"Automatic Backup And Syncing", is used to connect to a free Dropbox account where your lists will be saved and can be synced between all of your iOS devices.

"Backup To Email" is used to create a backup of all of your lists via email:

The "Warning On Item Delete" switch will allow you to choose whether or not you want a warning to pop up when you attempt to delete a list item (to prevent accidental deletion):

Tap "Passcode Lock" turn on or change settings for the passcode lock feature.

Tap "Number Badge" if you want to select which checklists to count toward the number badge on the app icon:

Tap "Theme" to choose an overall app design/color scheme for the app:

Tap "Font Size" to choose what size text you'd like your lists displayed in:

Tap "Main Screen" to change settings for the main screen of the app. Options include:

Tap "Sharing" to access options for sharing lists (you can set it so that app doesn't include information about Paperless when sending a list via email or posting a list to Facebook):

The instructions for Emailing A List has more information.