Main Screen

This is the screen that shows each of the lists you've created. The first few items from each list are also displayed.

If a list is marked with a red or green item count badge, that means it has been selected to be counted toward the red number badge that appears on the app icon. You can select which checklists to count toward the number badge within the app settings.

To view a list, simply tap on it to view it on the List Screen.

Buttons on the main screen:

Tap this button to add a new list

Tap this button to open the app settings, where you can backup your information, set the app icon number badge, set the passcode lock, change the way the main screen looks, change the formatting of emails, and much more.

Tap this button to switch to "Edit" mode, where you can change the order of lists or select multiple lists to merge or delete. (Note: you can also delete lists by swiping your finger across the list you want to delete.)