List Screen

This screen shows all of the items in the list.

If the list is set to be a checklist, then a checkbox is shown next to each list item. When you check an item off (by tapping its checkbox), it is moved down to the "Completed" section. You can also "uncheck" an item, to move it back to the main part of the list.

If you need to change an item's name or note, tap on the item to display the Item Detail Screen

Buttons on the list screen:

Tap this button to add new items to the list

Tap this button to show the "List Settings" screen where you can change the list name, the list icon, whether or not it is a checklist, and whether or not new items should appear at the top.

Tap this button for various options for sharing and printing the list, including emailing the list to someone.

This is the "list action" button. Tap it to perform actions such as sorting the list alphabetically and duplicating the list. For checklists, you can also delete all completed items, or uncheck all completed items.

Tap this button to switch to "Edit" mode, where you can change the order of list items or select multiple list items to delete, move or copy. (Note: you can also delete items by swiping your finger across the item you want to delete.)