Item Detail Screen

This screen shows the item's name and note. Also, if the item was from a checklist and was checked off, a completion date is shown at the bottom.

One nice feature here is that the name and note areas expand as needed, so you can make the item name as long as you want.

The screen also has two modes: "Editable" and "Read Only/Detect Links". You can switch modes by tapping the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

In "Editable" mode, you can tap either the item name or item note to edit them.

In "Read Only/Detect Links" mode, you can't edit the item name or note. Instead, links are detected for phone numbers, email addresses, URLs and street addresses. Links are detected in both the item name and note - so feel free to put them in either.

You can tap a link to perform various actions - like calling a phone number or sending an email. Tapping and holding your finger on a link may allow you to perform additional actions.

Buttons on the item detail screen:

On certain devices, this button appears where the "Back" button normally is. Tapping it will make the item detail view take up the full screen.

Tap this button to switch between "Editable" and "Read Only/Detect Links" modes.

Tap this button to move the item to another list.

Tap this button to copy the item to another list.

Tap this button to access various options for sharing and printing the item..

Tap this button to display the previous item in the list.

Tap this button to display the next item in the list.