Emailing A List

While viewing a list (on its list screen), tap on the list share icon at the bottom.

If you're viewing a checklist with both checked and unchecked items, you'll be given the option to share all of the items, or just the unchecked or checked items.

Select the "Mail" option on the activity panel that appears.

The mail interface will then be displayed, where you can type in the names/email addresses of people you want to email the list to.

There's a bit of space above the list - you can tap there to start typing in your own text to include in the email.

By default, emails that you send from Paperless include an export of the list, and a link to "Import this list to Paperless". If another Paperless user receives the email, and taps that link (or either of the Paperless icons within the email), the list is imported directly into their copy of Paperless.

In the "Sharing" section of the Settings Screen, you can turn off "Include Paperless Info" - which will remove any references to the Paperless app, and the link to import the list from emails.