Jim Rhoades

developer / designer

case study: Paperless

Paperless is a simple app for making lists, and has been available on the App Store since early 2010.

Hundreds of thousands of people have used Paperless to help organize their lives, with some people calling it their "most used app".

I believe two key factors in the app's success were its ease of use and bright colorful interface.

Paperless app icon

design + user experience

Paperless screenshot

The main screen in Paperless shows all lists along with the first few items from each list for a quick preview.

Paperless screenshot

The interface was designed to be clean, with few controls and easy to read text.

Lists can either be checklists or plain lists without checkboxes.

Paperless screenshot

When adding a list item, a "+" button in the lower right corner can be tapped to quickly add another item.

Paperless screenshot

Paperless includes a number of colorful themes, along with over 450 icons to assign to lists. Those features enable users to customize the app to their liking.

Paperless screenshot

A quick actions menu is included to help manage lists.

technologies used

Objective-C, Core Data, NSOperation, Dropbox API, XML


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