Jim Rhoades

developer / designer

case study: GMD Studios

I previously worked for innovative online marketing agency GMD Studios, filling many different roles as a creative director, designer and developer.

The following examples showcase some of the work I did there.

GMD Studios icon

affiliate power

Affiliate Power screenshot

I designed this affiliate marketing related website which was an internal project at GMD Studios.

The battery image on the left was a brief Flash animation in which the wires dropped down from the top of the page and connected to the battery, after which the bright starburst behind the battery zoomed into view.

While the site ended up not being released, it's a nice example of my web design work from that time period.

web design / HTML / CSS / Flash animation

alien hannah

Alien Hannah screenshot

alienhannah.com was a supporting piece to the movie "Say Yes Quickly" which was directed by Gregg Hale (of Blair Witch Project fame).

I designed the website to look like it was created by the character Hannah from the movie, as her personal blog.

web design / HTML / CSS


Beta-7 screenshot

BETA-7.com was part of a viral marketing campaign for SEGA's ESPN NFL 2K4 video game.

My work included designing the website, front-end web development and content publishing.

The website was intentionally designed to look a bit garish - to appear that it was created by one of the game's supposed beta testers (with the help of his friend "Rob"), who claimed that the game was causing him and other beta testers to experience unusual behaviour including blackouts and randomly tackling people.

The marketing campaign received a number of awards:

  • Gold Clio Award in the Content category
  • Grand Clio Award in the Contact category
  • Gold Pencil from The One Show
  • Gold Award from The Art Director's Club
  • Silver Andy Award
  • Yahoo! Big Idea Chair
web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

the czar of bizarre

The Czar of Bizarre screenshot

I had the opportunity to create a website for legendary circus sideshow banner artist Johnny Meah.

For the design, I borrowed various parts of his artwork - including the stage curtains from one painting and the blue top banner from another painting - to create a frame around the website content that stretched with the width and height of the web browser window. Doing that gave the website a playful and colorful look that paid tribute to Johnny's art style.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript


Freakylinks screenshot

FreakyLinks was a Fox television show created by Haxan films in which the main character Derek and his friends investigate supernatural phenomena.

I designed the website "freakylinks.com" as a companion piece to the TV show, making it look like the site was built and run by Derek.

I also designed the FreakyLinks logo and various Flash animations, and helped create content by altering photos and editing video/audio.

The website featured mascot "spring heeled jack" who jumped across a couple of the pages... an early example of using JavaScript to perform animation. JavaScript was also used to automatically publish new content while an episode aired on TV in various time zones.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / media creation + editing / Flash animation

gmd studios

GMD Studios screenshot

I designed multiple iterations of the GMD Studios website, including this version from 2004 which featured a sidebar with quick links to current projects.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

hong kong '97

Hong Kong '97 screenshot

I designed the logo and website for Hong Kong '97, a Web Lab project that gathered diaries from a diverse group of Hong Kong residents to chronicle the transition from British to Chinese rule, and how that affected their lives.

Diaries included stories, photos and artwork created during the time that the site was active.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

ifc rant

IFC Rant screenshot

IFC Rant was a print magazine created by IFC and published every other month.

IFC wanted a website which mirrored some of the content from the magazine. My work involved designing the website based upon their existing artwork and handling front end web development.

With each new magazine issue I published content to the website and updated the overall design to match the colors used in that issue.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript


indieWIRE screenshot

indieWIRE covers the independent film industry - reviewing films, posting industry news and updates from film festivals worldwide.

I helped design and build multiple iterations of the website, and published content on a daily basis.

I was part of the team that helped indieWIRE receive a Webby Award for “best film site” in 2003, and Forbes “best of the web” in 2002.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

in search of...

In Search Of... screenshot

I designed the website for this reboot of the classic TV show "In Search Of...".

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

listening to the city

Listening to the City screenshot

Listening to the City was a historic gathering of 5000 people who came together to discuss the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan and the creation of a permanent memorial to the victims of 9/11.

Small group discussions also took place online, with participants having the opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard by key city and state government organizations.

I designed the website based upon the organization's existing marketing materials.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript

mp3 report

MP3 Report screenshot

MP3 Report was an internal project at GMD Studios that sought to track song plays across online radio stations, to create the first ever "Top 20" charts for streaming music.

Though the project never got fully off the ground, it was a great concept and the website design was fresh and interesting for its time.

web design / HTML / CSS


Radiation screenshot

Radiation was a side project of GMD Studios that provided tools and software to website publishers.

I designed the website - and though the products were sold as downloadable software bundles, I created fake product box images to make the software seem more tangible.

web design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript
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