Jim Rhoades

developer / designer

case study: Artwork By Irina

A friend needed a website to showcase her artwork. On a small budget, I created a site which helped to:

Though the underlying HTML / CSS is a bit dated, I believe the website is still a good example of my clean design style.

Artwork By Irina icon

design + user experience

I wanted the focus of the website to be on Irina's beautiful artwork, so I created a clean design with a simple green color scheme that allowed the bold colors in her art to stand out.

She wanted to feature six different types of art (oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media, encaustics, murals and reproductions), so I used an example of each as a navigation piece - with large images on the main page

A sidebar with other navigation elements provided access to important information.

Artwork By Irina screenshot

On subsequent pages, smaller versions of the six main navigation elements were placed in the sidebar to provide quick access to those pages from anywhere on the site.

Thumbnails for each art piece are shown, with a link to view a larger uncropped version - along with information on how to purchase the piece if appropriate.

Artwork By Irina screenshot


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